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Our Standard Live Oak Trees | Quercus virginiana

Standard Live Oak  Trees

The standard live oak (or southern live oak) tree is the traditional live oak tree grown from an acorn. Just like children, each tree has its own character whether tall or broad, sprawling or narrow, dense or flowing. Every standard (or seedling) live oak is a hearty, upright, semi-deciduous evergreen with an abundance of shade benefits: The standard live oak tree is long growing exceptionally strong tree characterizing the truly southern landscape.

The standard live oak tree is perfect for most any landscape application where the natural beauty of the live oak is desired such as parks, driveways, front yards, back yards, commercial applications such as building landscapes, parking lots, and more. Live oak trees in the south are often desired for natural shade that protects and cools a home from the sun (the ultimate green energy saver).

The magnificent standard live oak tree offers a variety of:

  • Shapes
  • Heights
  • Branching Structures
  • Density
  • Shade
  • Character and beauty to any landscape design.

Southern Pride Tree Farm Sells very big Standard live oak trees, for sale Are:

  • Live Oaks also known as standard, seedling or southern live oak.
    - Standard Live Oak trees have all sorts of characters and shapes as they are grown from acorns.
  • Each live oak we sell is grown in an ideal, quality oriented nursery environment.
  • Sizes range from 8" caliper to 22" caliper or between 9 and 25 years old.
    - Caliper is the diameter of the trunk and is the means of determining the price of landscaping trees.
  • Standard live oak trees are available at 8" caliper size or start at about 24' in height with 18' of spread.
  • We also sell very large standard live oak trees as big as 22" caliper or as tall as 40' in height with about 25' spread.
    - We also supply all sizes in-between; with the most popular size 11"-12" caliper or trees about 30' height x 23' spread.
    - These trees will weigh in the area of 4 tons with the very largest weighing about 10 tons.
  • Prices start from about $2,300. per tree, bigger trees are more, purchasing in quantities saves!
    - Pricing does not include tax if applicable, transport, or cost of offloading and planting of tree/s at your location.
  • Standard live oaks at any size require an ideal "minimum" spacing of 40' on center from each other.
  • Download the UF IFAS Extension: Selecting Quality Trees from the Nursery PDF for more information.
  • Learn about our Quality Root System Guarantee!

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Featured videos

Dig & Prep Live Oak Tree

Digging & Preparation

Mature live oak tree digging and preparation in the Nursery for transport to the customer.

Live Oak Tree Packing for Transport

Tree Packing

Here we are demonstrating packaging mature live oak trees in the Nursery for transport.

Loading Live Oak Trees for Transport

Loading for Transport

Watch how a large mature tree is wrapped and loaded onto a truck for transport.